Honoring Veterans

10 Ways to Support and Honor Veterans (NATIONAL SERVICE BLOG ARCHIVE)

Veterans and Military Families

by Sacha Cohen

We honor the brave men and women who have selflessly served our country and risked their lives to protect our freedoms. There are many ways to give back to the more than 23 million vets who have sacrificed so much.


A good place to begin is with the following organizations:

American Legion 
Department of Veteran's Affairs 
Veterans of Foreign Wars 




There are many types of short and long-term volunteer opportunities available through those organizations and the others listed below. Here are 10 ways you can help:

  1. Visit a wounded veteran at the hospital.
  2. Offer your home repair skills to a veteran or military family.
  3. Create an online neighborhood user group that can be used to share information about neighborhood activities, recommend reliable repair companies, and find babysitters. An online group may also help identify the needs of your neighbors.
  4. Volunteer your financial, legal, or career expertise via MilServe.
  5. Deliver a meal or care packages to veterans.
  6. Help a veteran tell their story through a project such as the Veteran's History Project. You candownload a VHP field kit from the Library of Congress website.
  7. Volunteer with an organization, such as Canine Companions for Independence, that provide therapy dogs to veterans.
  8. Offer a vet a ride by volunteering with the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) organization, which provides free transportation to men and women unable to travel to VA medical facilities on their own.
  9. Visit serve.gov and use keyword "veterans" to find more opportunities to serve our nation's veterans.
  10. Say "Thank You".

Visit serve.gov to learn more about the Corporation for National and Community Service's work with veterans, read additional veterans and military family stories, or find additional veterans-related resources.



Alberto Ayala                         United States Navy Retired

Jim Austin                              United States Navy Retired

James M. Brandt                   Vietnam

John Bright                            United States Army

Michael Bright                        Unites States Marine Corp

Thomas Cable                       United States Navy

John Coleman                       United States Navy Retired

Wesley Dunn                         Unites States Marine Corp

Paul Evans Sr.                       United States Coast Guard

David Gillette                         Vietnam

Samuel Gilliland                     United States Navy Retired

Alisha Gilliland                        United States Navy

Michael Hardwick                   United States Navy Retired

Gary Smith                             United States Navy

Adam Smithyman                   United States Navy Retired

Marvin F. St. Louis                  United States Army WW II

Milton St. Louis                       United States Army WW II

Maurice M. St. Louis               United States Army

Paul F. St. Louis, Sr                United States Navy Retired

Maurice St. Louis                    United States Army

Morris St. Louis                      United States Army Retired

Adam Smithyman                   United States Navy Retired

James Tollick                          United States Navy

Mark Tollick                             United States Navy

Terrance M. Westerman             United States Marine Corp

Willie M. Beardsley                   United States Marine Corp

Dia'na Perez                             United States Marine Corp
** If you have someone you would like to add to this list, please send us an email.  Thank you and a speical thanks to those who have given so much and to those who gave their lives for this county.  We also want to thank the families of our veterans who have given just as much.  We honor you.